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Freelancing - Public Domain Part 4 A Case For Open Source Software
Freelancing - The in-depth information directory about freelancing keeps you informed.
Freelancing - The in-depth information directory about freelancing keeps you informed.

Public Domain Part 4 A Case For Open Source Software

Public Domain, Part - 4: A Case For Open Source Software

Today we are pondering the case for open source ( read FREE ) software. It really is simple - - with free access to read, modify, and redistribute the source code for a piece of software, this quite often results in a brisk evolutionary progression that ends in producing improved software.

There is a group of products - - writings, programs, and inventions - - that, while not “public domain, ” per se, in the traditional sense of the phrase - - is certainly within the grasp of anybody in the public. It is known in the Internet world as “open source. ”

The phrase, Open Source, has a diversity of meanings in the IT world. It is used to illustrate initiatives and collaborative projects that range from software projects to large enterprise computing environments - - with source code that is available to anybody. Open Source stands as conceivably the definitive example of the course of action for continuous improvement of software, by encouraging everybody to not only make things better - - but also, to share how they accomplished it.

What is Open Source? The Webopedia describes it as follows:

“Generically, open source refers to a program in which the source
code is available to the general public for use and / or modification
from its original design free of charge, i. e., open. Open source
code is typically created as a collaborative effort in which
programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the
community. Open source sprouted in the technological community as
a response to proprietary software owned by corporations. ”


When it comes to stability, security, and versatility, there isn’t a superior solution in information technology than open source software. If you are considering operating systems, or Web development, or just about any universal application, open - source innovation decisively has taken hold.

There are some Open Source alternatives that you can start with, if you are looking to writing code that improves upon what currently exists. Excellent examples of Open Source programs include:

* Linux - - the operating system
* MySQL - - the database
* Firefox - - Web browser
* WordPress - - blogging software
* PHPBB - - bulletin boards / forums
* OSWD - - Web templates
* LAMP - - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP - - a versatile and secure
Open Source solution
* Open Source Apache HTTPD server - - serving approximately
70 % of Web sites

Open Source software makes up an astonishing family of programs that is extraordinarily dynamic and diversified. For instance, there is a variety of Open Source business timesheet software programs that companies can access online. Some of these software are: ERP5, CK - ERP, Compiere, and Fisterra.

As a programmer, you might consider writing additional tools for individual businesses that will help in their productivity. In many instances, programmers - - or, even companies - - are able to profit by marketing such modules or add - on tools. You also might arrange for paid consulting services or technical support for your new software tool.

Programmers - - your question may be: " Why invest in What is already free? " In many instances, there will be the opportunity to make money, down the line. Open Source projects can be funded by sponsers from government or corporate sources. Different from commercial projects, Open Source works allow for the programmer's name to be revealed. This could be a huge benefit for your industry name and your portfolio - - and lead to future jobs with additional funded Open Source or even commercial projects.

These global movements, such as Open Source and free software cooperatives, are essentially shaping a third “industrial revolution, ” which may finally bring muscle to the majority and reinforce the unrestricted evolution of technology.

Look at the capitalistic giant, Microsoft! Imagine that
there were no free software movement and open source.
Microsoft would be the ultimate monopolist, the whole world
would be their empire. In such case, there would be no real
progress and innovation because there is no force to drive it.

Copyright: Daniel Orsolic
Founder of libervis. com - the open source community node
Article published under GNU Free Documentation Licence ( GNU FDL )

I hope you have enjoyed this introductory crash course on Open Source software! To restate all of this simply, Open Source refers to programs and innovations whose source code is accessible to the public, free of charge, and it is open to modifications and changes.

Give Open Source a chance! To help with your research - - use the search engines and type in Open Source and then Linux, Joomla, or SourceForge, and you will discover all those free software programs for Linux and Windows.

Open Source now is achievable - - and realistic - - for every new Web development project. While not the same as Public Domain, you will find a universe of possibilities in the Open Source world.

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