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Freelancing - Best Free Resources Part 3 Creating Audio And Video
Freelancing - The in-depth information directory about freelancing keeps you informed.
Freelancing - The in-depth information directory about freelancing keeps you informed.

Best Free Resources Part 3 Creating Audio And Video

Best Free Resources, Part 3 - - Creating Audio And Video


Digital download services might be big news today, but the model of Mp3 downloads has been around for quite a few years. Digital downloads, most frequently offered in the fashionable Mp3 format, have speedily become a preference of many music fans due to the Mp3’s ease of transfer and lower cost. Digital audio players are continually improving.

In brief, this is the process that leads to successful audie: There are software that convert the music, or other audio such as voice, to a small digital file. This is usually a WAV conversion to Mp3, which uses a codec like Mp3 or WMA ( Windows Media ). Today, Mp3 is no longer the solitary game in town, and when it comes down to compressing your audio for storage on your PC, there are many codecs to be had, such as Advanced Audio Coding or Windows Media Audio. Both of these new options are “perceptual coding schemes. ” As with the Mp3, they throw away the audio information that they deem to be as least important to the quality of the sound.

Since CD - based Mp3 players have been around awhile, prices have fallen significantly, even on high quality units. There are sound recorder programs designed to perform directly with your sound card - - so, you can record almost near - perfect quality audio from your sound card.

Stats show that at least 30 % of surfers are “auditory, ” and therefore, if you do not have audio on your site, then you are losing out on quite a bit of traffic. Streaming audio gives credibility to your Web site. It has never been more simple - - or FUN! - - to create streaming audio for your Web site. Most in the Internet Marketing groups will agree that streaming audio on your Web site will help to increase your sales. For Internet marketers, selling products on the Web, streaming audio can increase your conversion rates as well. For Newsletter marketing: Sending your newsletter with streaming audio on it and with links coming back to your Web page, is a good way to increase your conversion rates.

Adding streaming audio to your personal site makes a lot of sense and can be a whole lot of fun. To place streaming audio on your site, as well as find a wealth of information, voiceover professionals, hosting, tools, and more, visit Google and use keywords in these topic areas. The amount of information is simply astounding.

Be careful to not overload your Web site with audio. If you have a lot of audio buttons to choose from, most visitors will choose NONE. However, when you simply have a couple of audio buttons on your site, this encourages folks to listen to your message. A single audio button, done right, can be very powerful, and is usually enough to communicate your point. Speaking of “your point”...

HAVE a point! This maybe sounds obvious, but many ambitious marketers place audio on their Web site only because they CAN, and for no other discernible reason. Nobody will care about how technical or alluring your audio is, if it doesn’t portray much of a point, related to your offerings, which is why the visitor is there in the first place! Have a specific purpose and reason pertaining to your products, for using audio.


Shooting and editing has been revolutionized by the onset of Digital Video. Music video production companies or freelancers, for instance, specialize in the writing of treatments for music videos, coverage of live shows, video editing, and developing video for the Internet. They also, of course, produce the actual videos. A good rule of thumb for not only professionals, but novices and Marketers wishing to place video online, is to plan out your intention and theme for your event and then get your final video production to echo your theme.

What problem does your video need to get to the bottom of? These days, the necessity for return on investment is crucial. For your special event, create a video with an emotional angle which will set the mood and tone.

Characteristically, here are the stages: the pre - production stage, the production stage, and the post - production stage. The stages necessary to generate a video will vary, depending on style and content.

Digital cameras are revolutionizing the perception of business, and new business lines of attack are being developed. Recent emergence of truly portable digital video players and the beginning of video - on - demand via the Internet have recently arrived. Now, because of widespread availability of high - speed Internet access, inexpensive desktop video editing is available to anyone who is interested!

You are in great company! When Google “speaks, ” people listen! What is Google up to? The giant SE is increasingly ramping up an item that will unquestionably become the Web's premiere " vending " machine for videos. We suggest you navigate over to Google, click on “Video” and dream up ways to utilize this in your online ventures!

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2nd Freelancing - Best Free Resources Part 3 Creating Audio And Video 2nd Freelancing - The in-depth information directory about freelancing keeps you informed. 2nd Freelancing - The in-depth information directory about freelancing keeps you informed.



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